Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sometimes I feel like one big contradiction. I love the idea of travelling to far off exotic places but I hate getting there and I need to know that all at home are OK All the time. I enjoy studying but I begrudge it when it impinges on what I need to do for my family. Its the same with Autumn- I don't like this season because I feel everything is dying and shutting down for the year but it also means that in my textile world everything is on the move again and the colours and hips and haws are wonderful. Study begins again, all the institutions and Galleries are back in full swing, people are home from their holidays and eager to get started on things and the children are back in school which gives me some free space to work. Is it just me? or are we all contradictory beings.
One new thing was Teddy went for his first walk, well more of a wriggly,romp really with his best friend Barney. I certainly felt well exercised by the end of it!

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