Monday, 17 November 2008

It has been 5 years last week since the death of my mother and nearly 35 years since the death of my father and this weekend I felt very lonely. I know I am lucky to have my husband and daughter but other than that I have no family and when you are around people who all have large networks of family and friends you can feel very isolated. Studying at home can be isolating as well esp. when studying a contextual module which is so concentrated on reading and essay writing. Are all artists destined to be alone? I can hear my mum saying 'get on with it' - sometimes I miss her.


Lesley Turner said...

But you are not alone. Just think of the 20 other people all around the world who are/ or will read the same books as you are reading and who are thinking through things just as you are. We are all connected and as women we are sensitive to this connection. Your mother knows what she is talking about. love Lesley

Gina said...

Hi Chrissie. I think being an artist can be solitary at times but not necessarily lonely - think of all the rest of doing the same thing! Thinking of you.

sharon young said...

I can emphasise with your feelings, having lost both parents at 23 years old, and I'm, now pushing 60.
But what the others have said is so true, we are linked in sprit to so many like minded people and blogging does help to let us know that.
Unforunately it is the big downer to distance learning, there's often no-one there to offer advice and support as there is with a regular weekly class.
I'm sure you'll feel better again when the sun returns, hopefully not too long away.