Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I'm feeling all 'confuzzed'. I was getting all enthused about starting my next OPUS module (Liturgical Embroidery) next week - I had been into my local Church to do some research for the altar cloth I was to attempt and had a lovely time looking at some of the other textiles within the church. I always feel very peaceful there, it has a lovely atmosphere- probably because it contains the prayers of over 900 years worth of Hornchurch people-and it seemed like such a fresh start after the last 2 modules (which I hated) when Crash, Thump! an e-mail drops into my inbox to tell me (and all the other OPUS BA students)that the course is no longer to be operated by OPUS and they hope we will all transfer to a new company (school) being set up by two of the tutors. It wasn't exactly a surprise after the sad death of Julia Caprara, the school's founder, but it happened in such a sudden way. Semester is due to start on Monday - but who with? we have no documentation, presumably our original contracts with OPUS are now null and void, we have had an approach by the new 'school' but nothing is in black and white. It doesn't make you feel like leaping into work. Its alright people saying its going to be lovely but if you are approaching this in a professional manner you have to get down to the nitty gritty, the financial ramifications and the proof of actual university verification etc.. It could actually be better if it works out as things haven't been wonderful lately but so far we have received nothing in detail.Its REALLY annoying.
On the plus side though I've finished the decorating and put up the piece requested by my husband. Stitching is about all that is keeping me sane at the moment.


Lesley Turner said...

Hang on in there Chris. We all want this change to work out successfully so keep positive and go get lost in your stitching, always a good remedy.

Gina said...

Can only repeat what Lesley has said... hang on in there! Had a long chat with Winy tonight which has left me feeling a lot more positive. Keep stitching!

sharon young said...

That is a surprise, as I had an email to say that the C&G courses were no longer going to run, but I was under the impression that they were intending to put their main focus on the degree.
I really hope that things work out for you with the new school offer and as you say you could be in a much better position.
Good luck :-)