Monday, 23 March 2009

I have just been through a few horrendously upsetting weeks. I won't bore you with the details suffice it to say that I feel that things are all now resolved if not necessarily in the manner I would have hoped for. I still have worries about my daughter's health but I am just praying this too will be better soon. So now I'm back to working on my degree- at least that seems to be going well. I had a meeting with the commissioning agent last week and they really liked what I have come up with so far- now I've just got to turn designs into reality so I'm sampling away at the moment.
I did manage to get away from things for a day a couple of weeks ago and went to London with some of the ERTF girls to see the PRISM exhibition (sorry no piccies -not allowed) which was inspiring as usual and followed that by a visit to see the Picasso exhibit at the National. I've never been a great Picasso fan but this was very good and I really got to understand how those cubists can 'mess with your head'.
Also spring has finally sprung in Essex and filled the garden with fritillaries, daffodils, primroses and Camelias. Its amazing how a bit of mother nature can make you feel at peace again.

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sharon young said...

Sorry to have missed you at Prism, it would have been lovely to meet up, maybe next year.
Sounds like you've managed to get back on track with the course work, your art work looks beautiful, is it a church piece?
Hope your daughter's health is improving.