Saturday, 4 July 2009

Feeling hot,hot, hot!

What a scorching week its been- just the time to spend in the garden or by the sea or as in my case stuck in front of the computer....continuously. The volume of work on this professional practice module seems immense and just when you think you might have done enough for an assignment the tutor will say 'it would be really good if you just added so and so'. Don't they realise I do need to sleep at some point. This is supposed to be a part-time course but I've spent 30 hours on it this week- this is really getting silly so I'm going to have a chat with the powers that be.
Other than that the Cambridge exhibition submission date is rapidly approaching so I have been rushing to get work down on the 2 pieces I'm submitting. One is now complete and the other is underway. They are both quite large for me -one measuring approx. 3ft x 5ft but I should manage to get them finished then, knowing my luck they will decide, they don't want them!
I've also made a few little articles to sell in the shop in the hope that I might recoup a bit of the cost - I am posting a couple of pics of these to prove that I am still stitching even though I am lost in theory land.
Finally my poor old animals have really been feeling the heat- the picture is of our Kit Cat looking thoroughly fed up - mind you it was just after poor Andy got kicked out of Wimbledon so he could just be imitating how we were feeling. Well done this year Andy ,role on next year.

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