Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hi honey, I'm home!

Well I'm back from my travels. Not that I travelled very far -just down to darkest Dorset but it was nice to have a break and I love Lyme Regis. I've spent the last few days trying to catch up with everything that has been put on hold and I know I will be working flat out next week to complete my module but that's life.
The week was quite educational. The weather was.... well suffice it say it could have been better but that just meant we had to find things to do that didn't involve sitting on a beach (I didn't even get my paddle but I did manage to dip the toes last week on a quick trip down to Kent). Kirsty wanted to visit Hardy's cottage as she loves the 'Tess' story (can't see it myself -she's the sort of 'heroine' I feel like giving a good shake!). The cottage was located in the middle of a wood so I felt a bit like Goldilocks when we walked to it but was very pretty and had a lovely quilt on one of the beds but no porridge
I also spent a really good morning with feltmaker Mary-Clare Buckle (see Textiles Now by Drusila Cole).I was supposed to be interviewing her in advance of my dissertation but we ended up trading ideas etc... in her studio. She is producing some amazing things combining felt and UV lighting that are very effective. My 15 min interview ended up taking well over an hour and a half and I will be keeping in touch. The family had to drag me away in the end.
My final 'textile foray' (although there was a side trip in pouring rain to look at the willow and wetlands - very appropriate- centre which has seeded some ideas) was to Killerton. Not behind the scenes this time unfortunately as there is nothing like a national trust costume collection all to yourself, but they had some very interesting work wear on show. Its always annoying that you can't get images of the costumes unless you make a special appointment and they NEVER have the postcards you want.
Now its back to reality.
ps. I am in shock- both pieces of my work was selected for the Cambridge exhibition.

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