Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fed Up

Sometimes I think that this blog is just one long list of moans and I really don't want it to be as otherwise who would want to read it but I'm really fed up at the moment.
Having just about got over the dreaded Norovirus I have succumbed to the worse cold I've had in years with a racking cough, blocked sinuses and a mouth full of cold sores. To add insult to injury I also managed to break another tooth Monday night and its taken over a week to get an appt. with my dentist to fix it as they only have a dentist there 2 days a week now (and hes a locum) which is ridiculous , so I have only been able to eat slop for the last week.
Then on Friday I spent the day trying to do some research at the British Museum who could only provide 2 felt hats and that's despite supposedly having loads on their website.
Kirsty has also taken to clubbing in a big way which means she lurches in at 1.30, even mid-week, and I always wake up as I still can't sleep properly when she's out- so I'm grumpy through lack of sleep which doesn't help when trying to get through to her that all things must be balanced and being an adult comes not only with more liberty but also with more responsibility and consideration for others!
The one highlight of the week was a day Nuno felting with Cathy Unwin and AQUA and friends.
The dissertation is interesting but I'm not really a writer so it isn't that enjoyable for me and everyone else on the course seems to managing to go off to exotic places, do interesting things and enjoy every minute whilst I just seem to work and work and work and I've only been away from Hornchurch for a week in the last 2 years.
Most of all I'm fed up with me being fed up.


Heather said...

Poor you Chrissy - you are probably run down with all the problems you've had recently. I have had a cold very similar to yours and it's a beast - I can fully sympathise. Get well soon - Spring is almost here.

stitching and opinions said...

sympathy from suffolk.

Nickie said...

Glad my blog help brighten your day, sounded like it needed a little light relief.

What fabulous scarves, bet you all had fun.

I find the best medicine is to make large mug of tea and lose myself stitching - get well x