Sunday, 1 May 2011

16 days and Counting

The last month has disappeared in a blaze of last minute work and exhibition planning. There are so many little (or not so little) extra things to be done that it becomes very time consuming and if I have to read one more e-mail about wine for the PV I think I will scream - wet ,white, not too expensive other than that I don't care!!!!

I think I'm nearly there though-still a bit of sorting to be done with the support work and I really need to finally sort my thoughts out for the VIVAs (there are two official and one extra one). I think the next 2 weeks are going to be all go. On Wednesday I'm getting together with my 'assistant' which sounds posh but is a good friend and fellow student who will keep me sane on the day for a planning lunch (probably more lunch than planning)

On the home front, as that of course goes on regardless,- small dog's operation was a success although getting it to heal (it was a BIG wound on a little foot) has been a bit problematic as he has hated his 'cone' and he is on his second lot of antibiotics. The very good news though was that it was benign and he has been so good with me dressing it everyday for over 3 weeks without even a growl even when its looked very sore. My foot has come out in sympathy and I've been hobbling for a week, it feels suspiciously like it did when I cracked a bone in the past but I'm trying to rest it as much as possible as I want to be fully functional for mounting the exhibition. It was a good excuse to just sit and watch the royal wedding- so lovely and what a dress.Really glad to see the RSN prominent and embroidery a key feature!

The ERTF conference was interesting although rather full on- too much info. in too little time and I've taken on the role of area rep. for Essex for the next 3 years although I know I'll have lots of help from the retiring rep. Hopefully we'll get things in Essex really motoring over the next couple of years.

So now its a case of holding my nerve and getting through the next 16 days- argh!!!!


Heather said...

The amount of work you have put into these pieces is astounding and can't fail to impress. I think your exhibition will be stunning and you deserve a high grade. Glad the dog's foot is recovering and hope yours will too. You are almost there - you won't know what to do with yourself when it's all over!!

Miriam Weaver said...

Nearly there, deep breaths and relaxation techniques for the next 16 days. I think the work is looking beautiful, I can tell Heather that I've seen the work not all of it finished and it is wonderful the amount of work is amazing. There are so many little details that you really need to spend time looking into it. Cant wait to see them mounted in the gallery.
Hope you have a lovely lunch with your friend, I'm sure she'll be a terrific help. Glad everything with Teddy is going well. After all this I think you deserve a long holiday? Take care of that foot! x