Thursday, 7 June 2012

Onward ever onward

Personal life has rather interfered with my textile existence just recently but hopefully I am now moving forward again because I really need to be as I have a lot coming up.
Firstly our event at Horndon on the Hill went extremely well. A completely different adventure to anything we have previously undertaken and it gave the Bridging Waters work a different twist and brought in an audience that would not have ventured into a 'white cube' gallery space. We had great support from many friends and colleagues as well as people who were just passing by. The weather (absolutely glorious) and the homemade cake were a big help. Our demonstrators were wonderful with their demos full and a big thank you should go to Lynda Monk, Sara Impey, Helen Wilson, Juliet Bryson and Janette Bright (keep you eye out for these people when they are demonstrating or giving talks near you each was unique and fascinating) .And of course we Material Girls did pull our own weight with Margaret, Beverley and myself throwing in our own  demos. We even had one of our Canadian colleagues present ,Donna Clement, which was great.All the 'Girls' and their families worked their socks off as always, they really are a terrific bunch.
All together a very successful event but I think it will be a good three years before we 'do' another one because of our existing commitments plus the amount of work involved- my poor family virtually didn't eat in the preceding week!

Next thing on the horizon is participation in the first Romford Art Trail which is a completely new small body of work which will be shown in the church of St.Edward the Confessor in Romford Marketplace from 14th July  to  27th July 2012. Then the last stop in the UK for the Bridging Waters work is in Maldon in August.
In the meantime Material Girls are starting out on their next project, I have an exhibition in London next May which I need to do work for and I have also to produce a separate body of work for something else- its going to be a busy summer perhaps I should teach my family to cook!


Miriam Weaver said...

Yep! either they learn to cook or give them a selection of menus for the local take aways! Your certainly going to be busy.....

Heather said...

Glad it all went well, and weren't you lucky with the weather!
Cookery lessons sounds like a good idea.