Monday, 5 November 2007

What a week! Was taken into hospital and have just escaped so as I'm on ' light duties' at the moment thought I would take time to update this blog esp. for any OPUS people dropping in. Having now left the Miao and their Textiles I am looking in depth at the Elizabethan Ruff and how important the symbolism of the neck is in various cultures. Once again its a case of so much stuff so little time but it is fascinating to see 'ruffesc' items can be found in so many cultures. The most ironic thing is the way the Elizabethan ruff gradually comes to almost separate the head from the body (need I say more!).
OPUS group I people if you want to set up a blog click the heading at the top of this page and off you go. See you in Blog land!


sharon young said...

Hi Chrissy
Good to see your well enough to blog :-)
What a fascinating connection about the ruff separting the head from the neck ! Spooky!
Great idea about the group wonder if anyone's thought of something like that for the C&G.
Do you use Opus 's discussion forum?

Miriam Weaver said...

Hi Chris,

I thought I was seeing you tomorrow, wednesday 11 o'clock ERTF?

ps. I do look at Sharon's blog but I'm not brave enough to post on anyone elses blog yet, only on yours!