Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I have been working on my last assignment for this degree module and its been a bit of an uphill struggle but I think I may be reaching the brow of the hill now as I go onto creating samples for the final piece. We have been looking at own domestic environment - not my favourite topic as my inspiration tends to come from the natural world into which I escape given every opportunity- and it has resulted in an awful lot of soul searching about my roles within the household and the resentment I sometimes feel when my artistic interests have to come last. Does everyone expect me to become subservient to their needs or do I expect myself to carry it all to prove I can cope?

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sharon young said...

Hi Chrissy
You've done some lovely sketches for this piece. I love your take on your environment, with the overflowing shopping bags.
I had a similar experience when I did my foundation and I still had 2 teenagers at home.
I created a sculpture with a mask of my face held in my OH's hand which was rising from a sea of washing powder suds and in the other half there was another mask half drowned, so make of that what you will,of how I felt about the tug of war between domesticity and personal creativity.
Some 15 years on the battle still rages only instead of the children at home, it's finding time for them as adults, plus the grandchildren, who I adore, but I still find it so difficult to put me at least half way up the list! and my poor OH is still holding up my head so I don't drown LOL !