Saturday, 2 February 2008

I visited the Breakaway '92 exhibition today in Bishops Stortford today and there was some excellent work . I especially liked some of the very textural pieces on show but unfortunately there was no catalogue and no pictures/postcards on sale and as personal photography was forbidden as usual (of course) and I left my notebook in the car I can't remember the artist's name which is annoying. It was gratifying however when I introduced myself to the stewards that they immediately knew all about the Eastern Region Textile Forum and started discussing it enthusiastically. membership is slowly rising and we have a steering group meeting next week to finalise launch day arrangements so it is rapidly becoming a reality. There were also several beaded pieces included which reminded me of all the bead embroidery classes I have taught and how much I used to enjoy it, so I have agreed to make a beaded evening bag for my daughter's prom after all I haven't anything else to do (ha,ha!)
I have spent the last few days working on on my Monet series and now have 4 of the 6 almost compleat hopefully by the end of next week the whole series will be finished and I can move onto a 3D piece I want to do making a Waterlily out of Kozo, I've just got to work out the most sympathetic way to create a dragonfly for the centre.

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