Saturday, 16 February 2008

So where did 2 weeks go? I can't believe how quickly time is flying at the moment. Of course the schools around here have been on half-term and each year I think 'as they're older now I won't see them as much' but now instead of trying to find things to do with children in half-term I spend my time tripping over teenagers and wondering on the state of my disapearing food stocks (where do 15 year old boys put all that food!). Still back to textile musings.
Over the last 2 weeks I have finished my first series 'Shades of Monet' and hopefully will get these framed up tomorrow (then I will put pics on the blog), stewarded at the Prism exhibition although I wasn't exhibiting myself, gone with the Material Girls to the Beecroft museum at Southend for a behind the scenes study on some of their 1920s accessories, traded cards with Cyber Fyber ( a brilliant idea by Susan Lenz) and continued to sign up members for the ERTF. So its been pretty busy.
Sewing World Magazine has also published a brilliant article about the forum, its really great to see how its growing even though it has been really hard work and I don't expect it to let up any time soon.
Next week its back to degree work as the next semester commences. This time I'm tackling 'personal specialism' with Mary Cozens- Walker as my tutor. I think this will be completely different to the last 5 semesters as I approach moving on to level 2- we shall see what awaits, watch this space.

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