Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I've finally finished my 6th Degree module and have visited my tutor Mary Cozens Walker at her studio located in a charming cottage in a lane lined with cow parsley and Hawthorne. I think she was pleased with my work and now there is just the final assessment hurdle in London on Saturday (2 years down, 4 to go). A Marquette of my final textile solution to the module which addressed the ambiguity of GM crops - are they saints or sinners? - is pictured above. The final pods/seeds would be at least 3 times the size as would the accompanying 'webs' . I have constructed them both from very fine needlefelt I made using a mix of wool, silk and Angelina fibres.
The other pictures are of my work combining the embellisher machine with stitch and again using a mix of fibres but predominantly silk. They are abstracts taken from own photographs of rock pools - one still and floaty and one swirling and containing anemones. This is a technique I am continuing to explore as I find it extremely satisfying and a break from the degree stuff.

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Miriam Weaver said...

Oh Chris, wouldn't it be lovely if we could all live in charming little cottages with roses etc. growing around the door. But if we did what we have to dream about?
Love your work by the way.
Miriam x