Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Oh Help its time to start my next degree module! Assessment came and went and I await the results sometime in the future , you never can be sure when they will turn up. Today I received a phone call from my new tutor, Kate Green, who seems very nice but it was a bit of a rude awakening that we are off and running again so soon esp. as my daughter is mid GCSEs and stress levels are off the Richter scale chez mois. This module is all about figure drawing which I am dreading! I hate drawing people with a vengeance and I must admit if I had realised that a whole 3 months -180hrs!!!- was going to be spent on this I wouldn't have taken on the degree course.
On a slightly lighter note I have actually finished Kirsty's clutch bag for her prom (the brown one above). It's embellished fabric with silk threads, Angelina and a LOT of beading on the front and back and lined in shot silk. I also manged to knock up a blue one as well as a trial run for the construction. I'm afraid the photography isn't great but I hope it gives an impression.


sharon young said...

Hi Chrissy
I do sympathise with the life drawing, I approached it with the same dread, but was lucky enough to find a wonderful tutor who made sense of it without making me feel inadequate! And to my astonishment I produced some half decent work, but it does require a lot of practice, on the long suffering family members!!
Once you've got the hang of it, it does teach you how to draw anything, so I'm not surprised they have set such a long time for this module. A good tutor is vital, I don't think you can learn it from a book.
Sorry about the 'essay' but it's a bit of a hobby horse of mine as I never thought I would be able to draw.
Love the clutch bags, especially your daughter's.

Judy Martin said...

Hi Chrissy
I just thought I would raise my head up a minute and visit your blog. Everything looks great. I have the same tutor as you and am not able to begin quite yet as I'm off to teach for a week. Also, I'm still finishing up the last module. Always running behind here.
I love figure drawing however, and am looking forward to the whole thing.

Aussie Jo said...

You have done a great job on the life drawing, I agree with Sharon, it's all about practice.
I assume your daughter is into her last year exams?? I have a daughter also just coming to the end of her 'school' life(We call it VCE here in Victoria, Australia) She is off to Borneo/Malaysia to practice for her Indonesian oral exam in four weeks and then has only two weeks of school left.
I love the beaded clutch bag. We were just talking about her Graduation dress, which I offered to make, and talking beading. (She will be on stage a lot as she is school captain). A matching bag would be great.