Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I shouldn't be doing this really, blogging should really come second to degree work but I am telling myself that, as I spent 13 hours on the embellisher working on a sample for my latest module over Easter plus doing some hand stitching to it, I can allow myself a few minutes to blog as there won't be any more time to this week. I wasn't housebound all Easter though. On Good Friday we visited Kentwell Hall in Suffolk (again) where they were having one of their reinactment weekends. You can see a picture of the extremely rare 'Kirsty bird' who usually is only seen nowadays in a flock of similarly aged teenagers. Poor Kirsty she always gets hauled out to participate in things like this and if she actually sees this photo will probably migrate south yet again! Kentwell was looks particularly lovely at Easter when the daffodils are all out (notice OH likes his camera too) and the walled garden has some really old espaliered apple trees just covered in texture. I couldn't resist popping in the picture of the lamb.
On Sunday I had a really rare treat when we went to a pub for lunch down at Heybridge and we were able to eat outside by the water.As usual I pocketed my camera and whilst walking lunch off got some great shots of some of the old rotting boats accompanied by family remarks of 'why on earth are you taking photos of those?' . I don't care - when/If I ever finish this degree I certainly have a lot of material to work with from my photos.


Heather said...

Great photos and it's good to have a breather after all that degree work. You'll go back to it refreshed. Good Luck.

sharon young said...

Lovely photos, good to hear , you're able to relax as well as push on with the degree work.