Thursday, 2 April 2009

Today I am feeling a bit sad. I have been drawing together all my ERTF stuff in preparation for standing down as Chairman at the conference in Ipswich on Saturday. Since I came up with the idea for the forum just under 2 years ago it has been a major part of my life and it is amazing to see how it has grown in such a short time. I can't say I am altogether ready or a 100% happy to 'hand it on' as it were, but I know deep down it is the right thing to do. I would have loved to have chaired the Forum through its first exhibition in September but the best guests at a party always know when to leave don't they?
It has been a fairly grotty past 6 months for me so I am just hoping that Easter will live up to its resurrection promise and I can have a new start with the spring. It feels fortuitous that my current module is all about about a pentecostal altar cloth and I can almost feel it breathing a new fire into my own work. The new degree school -which we refer to as JC- has now truly risen from the ashes of OPUS with its validation and far closer connection with Middlesex Uni. now in place. The whole thing shows a great promise and an exciting new page is being turned.
So Happy Easter to you all and lets hope the spring lives up to its promise.


Gina said...

Sometimes it can be hard to do what we know is the right thing. Being able to listen to yourself and act on it requires a lot of inner strength. Good luck with the current module.

Miriam Weaver said...

Don't be sad, be happy that so many textile artists have embraced your idea, now you can sit back and hopefully watch your baby grow! Without you this would never have got off the ground and you've got lots more great things to do. Just think twice before you invite Marie and I round for coffee again 'as you've had an idea'!!!!!!!

sharon young said...

I think you should congratulate yourself on have got the group this far, it's a brilliant achievement and now you'll have more time to work on the second half of the degree with the new school that sounds really exciting.
All the best of luck.

Judy Martin said...

Hi Christine from Holnon in France
Im writing this with a French computer and am surprised at the keyboard - many of the keys are in different places.
I'm glad to read thqt you hqve confidence in the nez school ) me too. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU TOO!