Thursday, 28 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Have spent the week trying to gather together research so I can hit the ground running with my module on Monday. It looks like 'Professional Practice' is going to be interesting but when I drew up my timetable to try and fit everything in around what looks like it will be a hectic summer I felt the usual panic attack. So to calm down (between testing K for her AS exams - the bulk of which are next week) I have been watching the Big Art Project on channel 4, which I thought might help a bit, and its been really interesting. I realised that although I say I am not a great people lover I do feel quite passionate about getting art 'out there' and into everyday spaces and away from the white cube. The last module brought home to me how much I like the process of working to commission and the interaction with people, and I have always loved organising group exhibitions,so maybe I'm not quite such a recluse as I thought I was.
I also seem to have been forgiven for playing the big bad mother and I'm taking Kirsty and her friend to the Clothes Show live tomorrow - if we can negotiate the tube closures. Off now to charge the camera and stash the notebook before the really hard work begins next week.

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