Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The End of Summer

Today Autumn has truly arrived. The light has changed from clear Summer blue and taken on those golden tones of Autumn. This time of year always gives me mixed emotions- I don't like Autumn much as I hate the feeling that everything is dying , but I love Winter when things are hunkered down, all cosy, waiting for the first signs of Spring. However I love the colours that appear ( usually round here for a nano- second until the wind whips them from the trees) and I love the feeling that the lassitude of summer is over and we can all start to move again, I hate the feeling of being static.
And the moving on has started in earnest. Yesterday Miriam collected my pieces that I am exhibiting at the ERTF exhibition in Cambridge plus some smaller items I have made for the shop as a test run. We are sharing the load of this exhibition as its not the easiest of places to reach from where we live- she is taking the work, I'm collecting and we are going to steward together. The exhibition starts next week and details can be found on the ERTF website.
We also visited an exhibition by one of the Loughborough graduates we met recently at the gallery where we hold the Material Girls exhibitions and whilst there the centre manager has asked us to run a session(s) for the local teachers to help them with their textile teaching, so that's something else to add to the list along with actually getting the work done for the MG exhibition in February!
Finally I found out this morning that I have the first tutorial for my new semester tonight even though the latest one hasn't been marked yet and they also want me to do a presentation at induction day. So there will be no 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' in this house , I'm off and running again.
ps. My Kirsty has never had the easiest of roads academically although she has always worked really hard but at long last its paying off as she had her AS level results recently - 2 'A's and a 'B'!
I am so proud of her!all those hours of hard slog were worth it. She is so desperate to be a nurse so fingers crossed she gets similar results in her A2s next summer and she achieves her dream.

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sharon young said...

Wow!! You really are off and running, good luck with al your ventures and heartfelt congratulations to your daughter, I hope she realises he dream.

Love the felted piece.