Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Strange Days

arghhh!!! That's better! its been one of those weeks. Nothing major but a lot of small annoyances esp concerning the degree. Its so strange - This semester I have one tutor who fills me with enthusiasm and fires me up to work, she respects my views and approaches whilst ever so gently pushing me out of my comfort zone and in the right direction. Whereas the other tutor makes me feel like rubbish, every opinion I have is wrong (even my personal beliefs!),and if I produce something which isn't exactly how she would do it she denigrates it making me feel like giving up (which I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of doing!) - she also ends each tutorial by saying 'enjoy it after all its your journey' -what a load of****.
On the plus side the ERTF exhibition is now finished and as far as I can see has been a roaring success. I even made some money by selling a few bags and things which has more than covered my exhibition costs and given me something to spend at the Knit and Stitch. I also think the exhibition which drew in over 800 visitors will increase our membership in the area.. It feels so odd that the forum which I dreamed up and put into action with the help of a small band of intrepid friends just over 2 years ago has grown up and is 'out on its own' so to speak. I feel a bit like a mother hen who has watched its egg hatch and wander off into the blue and probably doesn't even know I was its mum.Oh well que sera,sera... at least it looks like we did a good thing.
The pictures in this post are from the start of the module I am enjoying. I'm looking at the Chinese concept of footbinding contrasting the beauty with the pain and these are images from the first pages of my sketchbook. I'll post more as it develops and hope you enjoy the process.


Miriam Weaver said...

The project looks interesting.
If the venture we are just starting is as successful as ERTF maybe we should think about going on Dragon's Den?

Gina said...

Your latest module looks really interesting. I love the images of the unwrapping where the flowers have stained the cloth. As for the other module... you've summed it up... don't give her the satisfaction of being beaten. (That was said with shared feeling!)And there are those of us out there who have not forgotten ERTF was your baby... it wouldn't be doing what it's doing and have the success it has without you.

Jenny Leslie said...

Your work looks really interesting, I have a photo in a book of an X ray of one of these deformed feet, let me know if you like a copy.

I thought the ERTF exhibition went really well I haven't forgotten you started it.

Well done.