Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Not waving but drowning

I'm not really drowning just spluttering a bit. I'm trying to gather together materials, contacts etc... for the dissertation so everyday brings piles of books to my door and e-mails from people. I'm not really complaining as it is lovely to have all this material arriving I just need to edit it down to what I can actually cope with in the time frame. I've even had an e-mail from HEATHER BELCHER!!! offering to help -thanks completely to the wonderful Cathy Unwin.
I'm also trying to pull together the last few things for the Material girls exhibition plus there is a new ERTF venture to be explored, all very exciting but... I really need to concentrate on some serious reading now.Just to put a spanner in the works (literally) having set today aside for just that we had a 'plumbing incident', fortunately now fixed, which means I've spent today sorting cupboards and plumbers instead.
One other thing that is clogging my brain at the moment is that depending on what happens with Kirsty and Uni. there is a big decision to be made.
Now my brain is really feeling sploshy - think I'll just go and have a cup of tea and hope tomorrow brings dry land.


Gina said...

I always find a cuppa helps with that sinking feeling of being overwhelmed by too much infomation. I seem to drink a lot of tea..!

Miriam Weaver said...

Forget the tea, a bottle of gin and tonic. Oopps! did I say bottle I meant a glass of gin and tonic!

Heather said...

I agree with Gina - a cuppa does wonders. Love the piece of work on this post.