Thursday, 7 January 2010


I'm feeling a bit in limbo at the moment. I was all geared up to a fresh start for the new year with lots of things to get underway when - nothing happened. Well it did, it snowed.

Tuesday was supposed to be the first meeting of AQUA-8 in Shenfield, which I was going to go to a little late after a dental appointment. Unfortunately the 'little filling' turned into something a lot bigger resulting in spitting blood for about an hour and swelling up like a chipmunk (although that was partially due, I found out later when I could open my mouth properly, to the locum dentist leaving the cotton wool swab in!). As I had already missed the first 2 hours I couldn't face the subsequent 1 1/2hrs. trip in the cold, so I went home feeling quite disappointed and slightly sore.

Then I was supposed to visit the Gallery where we are holding our next Material Girl's exhibition to pick up the printing but they are closed until next week and I'm not able to visit the new museum in Romford to be shown round tomorrow either now because of the weather.

Really is it me or are things a little bit silly now whenever it snows? When I was little we used to get to school, the roads were gritted, transport worked and the great god 'health and safety' was more reasonable. Oh dear I do sound like my mum used to!

Finally I was all keen to get going on the dreaded dissertation but I can't do anything until I have spoken to my tutor- Sarah Braddock Clarke (quite scary, she's the author of Techno Textiles etc...)- to get her to agree to what I want to do. Still I'm talking to her tonight so just maybe next week I can actually get going- so long as they haven't declared a second ice age by then and told us all to dig igloos!


Heather said...

Hope you have recovered from your ordeal by dentist. Snow is very beautiful when it first falls, but I find that the novelty soon wears off. In the 'olden days' drivers kept a set of chains in the boot, to fix over the tyres to give better grip in icy conditions. We could do with some now, to get out of our road. Good luck with your tutorial chat and hope your tutor approves of what you have in mind.

Miriam Weaver said...

You did miss a good and productive meeting at Aqua, but sometimes things get in the way!The dentist not the snow!
You are right, in the 'old days' when the world was in black and white! We used to walk to school in the snow, fog and whatever god could throw at us! What amazes me is the Milkman are doing their rounds the Postman is delivering, why are some schools closed. Did you notice, all the things you cant do this week are controlled by local government? I'm ranting on your blog now as well as on my own, and I said I was giving that up!