Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Alls well that ends well

After a few sticky moments over the last few months my Material Girls' 'Unseen'exhibtion previewed last night. Death defying feats were required in hanging some of the work involving plinths, great tall ladders and a couple of the 'girls' long suffering husbands but the Private View arrived without mishap and I must admit I am very pleased with the results
We've received an awful lot of very complimentary remarks esp. from the Head of Art at the school who seems to have recruited us to teach some of the girls some new skills when my back was turned. This morning saw us talking to another group of primary school children who actually seemed really interested with our 'find the artist trail' and some of the boys esp. were much enamoured of some super skeletons by Jill Birleson.
We had well over a hundred at the private view with some people travelling considerable distances to attend and it was lovely to see them all- friends both old and new. I really hope they all had a good time - I know we did.
We've even made quite a few sales so will be able to stock up with some new materials to get us going on the next one.
The exhibtion runs for the next 2 weeks finishing at lunchtime on Friday12th February and then comes the tricky bit- a couple of weeks rest and I'll be setting them their next theme and next time we've got to do even better. Onwards and Upwards!


Gina said...

Looks as though it was a great success and congratulations as I hear you sold a piece of work. Hope the next couple of weeks are just as successful!

Becky said...

Looks great. Can't wait to get to the exhibition later this week. Congrats to all Material Girls.

Heather said...

I wish I could come and see it for myself. I enlarged your pics and the work on those suspended pieces is wonderful. Well done to all concerned.

Diane Kelsey said...

A wonderful exhibition! You must be very proud of the group. Looking forward to the next exhibition. I wish I could have joined you today, so that I could have discussed some of the pieces with the artists in depth. Diane (Aqua)