Wednesday, 17 February 2010


It has not been a good few days. After dismantling the 'Unseen' exhibition last Friday I followed my daughter and husband and succumbed to the dreaded Norovirus. It was not nice and I am still feeling slightly off. Worse- I was unable to give the talk to Enfield EG and I missed my mother-in-law's memorial service at St.Brides in Fleet Street , which has put me in the father-in-laws bad books as he doesn't accept illness as an excuse (he would have liked it even less if I had staggered there considering what I was doing during that time, as well as probably infecting half the congregation!). Kirsty is back on duty in the nursery at Queens Hospital on Friday so I hope she doesn't bring any other nice surprises home with her this week.
Fortunately I haven't got a tutorial for a couple of weeks which will give me a chance to catch up with work once my brain stops feeling like soggy porridge and I have a trip to Cottenham this Saturday which I really hope I will be better for as I have promised to do an hour on the Bury Museum stand for the IFA and I don't want to let anyone else down.
All I can say is - bring on Spring- Please!


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you have been poorly, wishing you a speedy recovery

Heather said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling fully fit again and able to get to all your commitments. Those daisies in your photo are a lovely sight - bring on Spring, amen!