Monday, 17 May 2010

So much to do so little time

Help- where's all the time going! Having had a lovely couple of weeks just sewing for my own pleasure I am now back to full out degree work and this semester it's 2 modules simultaneously which is a bit full on. However this will be the last time that occurs and next year will just (just who am I kidding!) the big push to the end.
The dissertation is going (cautiously) OK. I've had feedback on the first draft from Sarah and she's pleased. There's a lot of smoothing out to do and I think I'm going to re-write the conclusion slightly but on the whole it looks like all the extra work during the first semester has paid off and I can spend time on refining this semester.
I have also had my first couple of tutorials for the personal specialism. I wish I knew why they call it this as it never seems to be something 'you' want to do. I know they need to push you but by this stage I think you should know what direction you want to go and the pushing should be about reaching that direction to the very best of your potential. I have a lovely tutor for this module- I've worked with her before and she always brings the best out in me but she does sometimes seem to go a bit off track. perhaps it's just me -perhaps I'm not explaining myself properly,that's the trouble with distance learning. Also she's so nice I don't want to upset her by saying "I don't want to do that".
It would also help if the modules were written in plain English not arty eduspeak- or maybe I'm just a bit thick.
Anyhow this module has given me the perfect excuse to spend time in the lovely bluebell woods nearby as I am working on a theme of nature and layers of protection (yep folks its felt again). I did try to take some recordings on Saturday of birdsong as I want to try and interpret this in stitch but all I could get was the sound of the airfield next door where someone was standing on top of a biplane and doing tricks. And people think I'm crazy!


Gina said...

That is just how I felt about my first personal specialism... nothing to do with what I wanted to do! As for "artspeak" don't get me started! I've just had a tutorial and told my tutor I've never read an article with so many long words that said so very little... and she actually agreed!

Catherina said...

I know exactly what you mean. Had the same thing with my personal specialism and I think the poetic way of Julia's wording in the modules doesn't give any clarity as to what to do. I am quite poetic myself but I don't think it works in setting assignments for students.