Monday, 3 May 2010

Ups and Downs

Its been a funny old week. It started well with the ERTF AGM/Conference in Chelmsford. Really nice to meet up with people and some interesting talks by a designer from Courtaulds
Middlesex Uni and a great team from the Fashion and Textile Museum. I esp. enjoyed the talk by one of our own ERTF members, Juliet Bryson.
There was a good response also to the selling project idea we are working on so I am now moving on to the next step and hope we an get something more substantial off the ground. It also spurred me on to help Janette Bright, our area rep., to set something up for a local meet in the Autumn and as I was organising something for the IFA I decided to book a studio in our local arts centre for this as well.
Monday was not so good as I have changed dentists and he suggested that I have quite a few crowns sorted out (something that has needed doing). It will probably take about a year altogether and I hate the dentist so needless to say I am not looking forward to all this.
Tuesday I managed to injure my foot but that did not stop another trip up to the V&A to see the Grace Kelly exhibition -which was rather disappointing so Marie and I decided to visit the Quilt exhibition again as well to make up for it (God bless V&A membership).
On returning home I found out my father-in-law had had a bad fall and I couldn't locate my other half so several hours in A&E and 18 stitches later he didn't seem too bad but I had to spend all Friday morning with him at the eye casualty checking that he hadn't damaged his eye - which fortunately he hadn't.
More traumas with the dd over the weekend were slightly alleviated by some good news that my dissertation was looking good so far (although she could just be being nice) and shes off to a conference in Seoul for a week so I haven't got to worry about it for another week.
Goodness knows what this week will bring as the Easter break is over and JCS work begins again in earnest. Think its best just to take little steps and take each thing as it comes.


Gina said...

Sorry to have missed the conference - it sounded like a good one. Interesting to hear you felt the same about the Grace Kelly exhibition. Hope you have a better week... I'm head down in text books from today!

Miriam Weaver said...

Fairy Steps I think they are called. See you for a catch up this week. Mx

Heather said...

Take each day as it comes - it's the only way I can deal with things. You are not the only person to be disappointed by the Grace Kelly exhibition. I think the clothes without the personality are not nearly as interesting. Hope your father-in-law will make a good recovery and good luck with the dissertation.