Saturday, 18 September 2010

First Steps

It may have been a while since my last post - Kirsty has passed her driving test and started her nursing course, Martin has gone back to work and I have have been taking the first baby steps towards the work which will be the body of work for my degree show.
Throughout the last module I was experimenting with techniques and ideas to create the proposal that forms the basis for this work. It was rather confusing in a way as I felt that I didn't really know how far to take the work at that point and combined with the fact that because of various family disasters I missed out on my last tutorials I ended the module in a confused mess. However hopefully I have more of a definite idea of how to proceed.
The theme for my work will be 'The Way through the Woods'. I have a passion for the natural world especially that of the British Isles and I feel that many people have lost that connection with it that is so important. I know everyone is on about 'saving the environment' and I've done my bit of protesting with Greenpeace in days past but now I am more inclined to use my art to open peoples eyes and try to make them think again. I have found a Kipling poem called 'The Way Through The Woods' that seems to sum up that feeling that you can only reconnect with what is past if you really take time to look as 'only the keeper sees' and I intend to explore the little things that lie hidden or are captured out of the corner of your eye when you walk through a wood. To try and evoke this feeling of magical, spiritual connection that you can get if you take the time to walk a forgotten path through a wood. So we begin.


Heather said...

So glad your personal 'way through the woods' is beginning to get clearer. From childhood I have loved woods - the older the better - and I heartily agree that we lose our connection with nature at our peril. I love the photo with this post and wish you well with your next module.

Gina said...

I'm sure you will find your way through the woods - and how exciting to be at this stage of the degree journey. Will see you next Saturday at induction day.

Diane Kelsey said...

Thorndon Park in Brentwood, would be well worth a visit.

Judy Martin said...

I think that your ideas sound wonderful and that the body of work that comes out of this study will nurture not only anyone who looks at it, but most of all yourself. I think the path (through the woods) is so right for you and I am happy for you. I just got back from a weekend in the woods and totally understand and agree with the magic and spirituality that one finds when we are really really close to the leaves, grass, water, air, sun, rain etc etc. Good luck and I shall come back to to see how everythihng is going.

Congratulations on the first in your dissertation. I am fumbling around with mine at present - not nearly ready yet.