Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I spent the week trying to focus an exactly what I was trying to portray and decided the best way to do it was to keep a journal/sketchbook of my thoughts during my visits to the wood.This has proved extremely valuable as it has allowed me to really engage with the thought process not just with the technical aspects. I have also started to make tiny, quick stitch sketches of sounds, feelings and images from the woods. This is easier said than done as the weather has changed and I keep getting rained on whilst trying to do it so some of them are started in the woods,rapidly packed away and completed at home. Also the Dogs tend to think they might be edible and are quite disgusted when they find they don't taste that good.
They do have a fresh quality though and are leading to think of how I can incorporate this into the work. I also want to include some of my thoughts so some deconstructed text might be added. We shall see.
Induction day came and went. I'm not sorry its my last as the relatively short journey ( should be about an hour and a half) took nearly three hours owing to the usual weekend transport problems in London.
The day itself was extremely useful as we picked up some much needed information about various aspects of the final year which we hadn't been told (we seem to be just expected to know but I'm not psychic). I did feel that the tutor that led the day left me feeling a bit flattened. I am sure she knows her stuff but she didn't seem to like felt and thought I was trying to be a bit preachy in my subject matter. Why is there this down on felt as a material? So many people I come across on this course don't seem to like it. Well produced felt can be a thing of beauty and what I produce isn't what you would call traditional felt anyway. I hate all these trendy plastics and lack of well executed stitch but I believe in a person's right to make what they want.
Oh well-onward!


Diane Kelsey said...

Follow your passion and believe in your own style. I love your felt work!

Heather said...

Hear, hear!! Be true to yourself and keep your own style. I love felt - it can be so varied in style and texture, and is a lovely vehicle for stitch.