Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Textile Elfing

Recognising the fact that this year isn't going to be an easy Christmas for most people I decided that I would like to give the few friends and family I possess something special this year but like ,most people, this year is a little tight moneywise therefore we we have a conundrum .I put my tired little brain into gear and realised that I have a wealth of samples and ideas that could be developed into gifts from my degree work so for the last month or so I've been busy as a Christmas elf looking at these and working the appropriate ones up into pressies. If you are a regular blog reader you'll probably recognise some of these - they are not the same pieces as I did for my degree but they are developed from them. They are all made with love and esp. for the folks they are going to and I can post a picture of a few as I know they don't do blog reading so the recipients won't have seen them. Prettily wrapped and accompanied by some Crimble choccies I hope they will be pleased with them. Its not a diamond or a 3d telly but they are given with love. Who said all that degree work was a waste !

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