Friday, 17 February 2012

Come and See

We are under starters orders with the first of the Bridging Waters exhibition. We 'hang' on Monday and open on Weds (22nd) It appears to have caught the imagination of the local press and we are hoping that this might feed the fight to get Textile Art registered in the minds of people as worthy of a place in the world of fine art. If you can't make this exhibition there will be some more opportunities to see the work whilst it is in the UK the next being as part of a textile weekend we are staging at the Woolmarket in Horndon On the Hill,Essex at the end of May. We hope this will be a free, fun event which will include not only the exhibition, but demonstrations, supplies, textile art for sale and info about what is going on in the world of textiles- all trying to raise the profile and get more people involved. And of course there will be tea and cake! Keep your eyes peeled for more information.
If you want to know more about any of the exhibitions visit ;- or and come and enjoy this transatlantic collaboration.


Heather said...

Hope it all goes well and you get lots of publicity and visitors who will spread the word. It's a long slog but I think that one day we will get textiles accepted as serious art.

Unknown said...

See you Wednesday, looking forward to seeing all the work.