Monday, 6 February 2012

Dust of Snow

I have felt a bit like I am running and getting no where at the moment textile wise. So much so that recently I have even been questioning why I bother and if I should go on.
With the big exhibitions coming up it has been hard work - not with creating, I haven't had a lot of time for that and I think that's been the problem.Whenever I have had time I have had to 'do' something else usually connected with paperwork. Also since finishing the degree I feel my textile work is now expected to take a back seat to other areas in life. But I didn't do all those years not to try and take my work forward.
Two things have happened just recently which have helped.
About a week ago we (ERTF) had a study day on Scandinavian textiles at the house of one of our members (Kirsten Yeates) who has an extensive collection. They beautiful and delicate and must have been produced under quite difficult circumstances sometimes. They were made with love and you could feel it and it made me realise just how much I love these things, being in the company of like minded people and learning.
Secondly yesterday I was bashing the snow off the olive tree in the garden when a large pigeon landed on the Acer and covered me with snow and it made me think of the Robert Frost Poem

The way a crow
shook down on me
the dust of snow
from a Hemlock tree

has given my heart
a change of mood
and staved some part
of a day I had rued.

It made me laugh - it was beautiful out there, it made me want to go in and sew something snowy and magical. So I will start to structure my time again properly and treat creating as an essential part of my daily routine again as it used to be and hang the paperwork!what is it they say 'a little less conversation. a little more action please'


Heather said...

It is awful if you feel denied of time to make your own work after putting so much effort into getting your degree. Some 'you' time is definitely called for, and I hope you manage to organise it into your busy life.
Love the snow poem and story - you had quite a bit more than we did.

Judy Martin said...

Keep on fighting the good fight Christine.

Do your work.