Monday, 23 April 2012


I have always found it strange the way all our animal friends have arrived in our lives without us really looking for them and at the appropriate time. The last few years whilst we had Kit and Lucy I never heard of anyone with kittens looking for a home and yet  a month after we lost lovely Lucy we were offered kittens from 2 litters and on Saturday a new friend arrived in our lives. Its tiny,its black and white and it is full of mischief. Its really Kirsty's kitten but I am the designated baby sitter and boy is it a time waster as it loves a lap ....and food....and trouble. So you could say we have been truly 'Splodged' (that's its name and it seems appropriate somehow).

On a more serious textiley note - we  (Material Girls and Articulation) have just been featured in a double page spread in the re-launched Workbox magazine. Its a great article (the pics are fairly good - well you will have seen some of them before on my blog ha!ha!).Which means I need to get back to my sewing- now that should be fun!


Heather said...

Congrats on getting Splodged - he(?) looks adorable and I'm sure he will get away with murder!!
Congrats also on being featured in Workbox. Will it be available from newsagents I wonder - I shall look out for it. I have heard that it is much improved but not been able to get a copy to find out for myself.

Beverley said...

Awww what a sweet little thing. Soon be in the box of threads, chasing reels across the floor, putting pawprints where it shouldn't. Much joy to come!