Sunday, 23 June 2013

Scrummy Yummy

On Friday, like most of the textile enthusiasts within striking distance of London, I went with a group of  like minded friends (six in the city) to see the Kaffe Fassett  exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum . Now I do not knit (can but don't really like doing it) find patchwork a bit boring (no doubt I will now be shunned by all the quilters out there) and tend to work in muted colours so lets face it this was not the obvious choice of an exhibition for me to visit but I wanted to have a birthday treat that challenged me a bit and I am so glad I did.

 I know he produces the very commercial , designs but rarely makes his own pieces and is the master of self promotion but boy does that man have an eye for colour ! His layering of pattern and colour is so rich and joyful (I even loved the patchwork) It definitely showed me that although I work with the natural world as my inspiration source I do not have to be so restrained as nature is the most colourful source available- since when did nature ever 'clash'. I know I am at a point when my work needs its regular 'kick up the backside' and my new project is the perfect trial ground for this so thank you Kaffe Fassett for administering it. However, I must also remember during my flirtation with colour that an area of stillness is needed as Margaret remarked as we walked home along the Thames that the blues and greys that surrounded us there gave a much needed respite to the visually busy morning.

Of course the company of friends to see an exhibition like this is invaluable  so thank you Helen, Liz,Margaret, Kirsten and Elizabeth for joining me and that great chat about it we had over lunch. I always find it wonderful how much knowledge spills out from such friends greatly enhancing the whole experience.

Now where are the threads, paints, papers and fibres to  start to play ....oh and the sunglasses!

Kaffe Fassetts 'touching wall'

One of my favourite displays at the FTM

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Heather said...

I have only heard good reports of Kaffe Fassett's exhibition. His use of colour is very adventurous and always seems to work.