Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hurrah! I've posted off my latest OPUS module to Dorothy Tucker to assess. Its been a bit of a slog trying to fit a theory module around school summer holidays but I've managed to complete it before deadline - you know what they say 'If you want something doing ask a busy women'. I just hope I have done enough to pass it so I don't have to re-do anything.
I am also looking forward to getting back to stitching. I've been on the course for over a year now and only spent a single semester stitching ( which seems a bit ironic when doing an embroidery degree). This is mainly because they have juggled the order of the modules but at least the 2 I have left in this level are both practical so even OPUS can't get me doing yet another theory module.
I did enjoy a couple of aspects of this module though, mainly the research. It was lovely getting to handle so many old textiles and embroideries and hearing the stories attached to them so I must say a big thank you to all those people who searched in their attics and cupboards and gave me their time, memories and help. I also loved going behind the scenes at Killerton to look at this National Trust costume collection- it just reaffirmed my interest in costume. Finally I enjoyed researching the work of current textile artists and in doing so fell in love with the work of Nicola Henley.

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