Friday, 31 August 2007

The pocket rocket, as we have now nicknamed our new addition, has more than found his feet this week. His favourite game is to hang on to the tail of our cavalier spaniel when he is running, take all for feet off the ground and take a free flight! needless to say this doesn't go down well with Barney (the spaniel) nor does the fact they Teddy has decided that Barney is his mother. Still fortunately Barney is blessed with a placid nature and the two of them are getting on quite well (that doesn't go quite so much for the cats though).
Teddy also likes to sit on my lap whilst I am sewing so its a case of fending him off the threads every now and then- its amazing how dexterous I have become.
I'm off to the private view at Braintree tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what the exhibition is like. I am not happy with my own piece as my work has changed considerably I feel since I completed this but I look forward to seeing the work of the other exhibitors.

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