Thursday, 23 August 2007

What an intense few days. The tiny bundle of energy otherwise known as the puppy has been running rings around me but is finally settling in and our other dog is learning to put up with him. I even found the two of them curled up together the other day.
I met with some friends and fellow textile artists and we are starting to get the Eastern Region Textile Forum off the ground. The idea is to facilitate links between textile artists of all disciplines in our region of England by holding a twice yearly meeting, publishing an e-newsletter, holding joint exhibitions, creating a mentoring register/scheme to improve textile education and organising other events. So if you are reading this, are interested and located in East London,Essex, Cambridge,Suffolk, Norfolk, or Herts Just send an e-mail to the link on the page. We hope to launch in Spring 2008.
The Archive exhibition will soon be upon us and I am sure it will be really interesting. I have put details above. Braintree itself is a really good place to visit for textile things (and very good lunches) so I'm hoping we'll have lots of visitors. I am demonstrating on Saturday 20th October and there are lots of other demos and workshops going on throughout the exhibition.
Finally I am trying to get the last bits of my OPUS module together before assessment day and am working hard on my pieces for PRISM. Other than that nothing much going on and I am now going to have a lie down!

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