Sunday, 14 October 2007

A busy day. Whipped around the knitting and stitching show at Ally Pally this morning and spent far too much as normal but really managed to stock up on some lovely interesting things Kozo, lutradur and loads of different fibres to felt and embellish with. I'm so fired up to experiment for my next OPUS module. I also visited the Val Campbell- Harding display curated by Maggie Grey, it was wonderful as you would expect and I could have spent ages pouring over every item if I had had time, she was a very clever lady and Maggie has done her proud. Several other displays in the graduate showcase took my eye as well as the 62 group's stand and the work of Tilleke Schwartz- which I didn't think I liked until I saw it in the flesh.I also really liked the work of Suhandan Ozay and his wonderful shoes.
Also got lots of various silk fibres to try and create a version of the Miao Silk felt. On that front I was lucky enough to buttonhole Gina Corrigan for a tour of her Miao costumes and she answered several queries I had about their construction and materials. You really don't appreciate the finest of the stitching until you are up close and personal with the actual objects. And the icing on the cake- I am now the lucky owner of two tiny pieces of Miao embroidery!

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