Sunday, 14 June 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

Its been a very busy weekend. Had to accompany Kirsty to the first of the University open days on Saturday. So that meant a trip to Elephant and Castle to take a look at South Bank. It was quite impressive and would give her the opportunity to train at Great Ormond Street or Tommys at Guys which certainly isn't to be sneezed at. They have told her she is already eligible to commence the course so long as she passes interview and numeracy and literacy tests- the only one she is worried about is the numeracy as she hates maths but I know she will manage it and told her to just practice the areas that the senior nursing lecturer suggested. She won't be interviewing until next year as she can't commence until she is 18 so she might as well get 'A' levels under her belt as well. I think the next 2 open days are at Kings College and then City - both of which will allow her to train in specialist London Paediatric units so its fingers crossed she gets into the one she likes.
After the presentations I suggested we eat at the Tate Modern but the walk was slightly longer than I thought , however, the food in their cafe was excellent as usual. I did think I might manage to persuade them to look around but Martin Glazed over after 10 seconds so it was a quick flit around the bookshop and home via the 'wibbly, wobbly' bridge and Mansion House .
Today I managed to get an interview with Yvonne Pedretti at her studio during the Leigh Arts Trail. The work there was great and yvonne really helpful. I did take piccies to use for my module but as I don't have permission to put them on the web I'm afraid I'll just suggest you look her up. She doesn't have a big web presence but you will be able to find her. Her work is really different and quite absorbing, she works with fibre optic lights to create wonderful sea creatures and structures so I would recommend a look.
Next weekend I'm off to see the Chat exhibition at Thaxted before it closes- so long as the other half isn't 'arted out'.


Gina said...

Haven't heard of Yonne Pedretti before but her work sounds interesting. Hoping to get to CHAT too but not sure when.

Beverley said...

Chris, I went to CHAT yesterday, excellent as always. And Yvonne Pedretti is a member of EAST so you can find her on their website:
I did C&G P2 with Yvonne.