Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Why do I do these things?

Well the Clothes Show went well. The girls both seemed to have a great time even though they spent most of the time drawling over George Lamb, even the replacement service for the underground- the Fashion Bus- ran smoothly and the catwalk show was excellent. its a shame they don't cater for anyone over size 10 or age 25 but it was an experience. I also picked up a vintage handbag for next to nothing and am now trying to work out if its 1930s or 50s. There was also one buried at the bottom that I suspect was 1910ish but I couldn't run to what they wanted even though I still think it was cheap.
I've started the professional practice module and am a little confused (as usual) but hope the fog will clear once I'm really into it next week. As for now I'm prepping for a Tea and Textiles event for the ERTF that's taking place at my house on Friday.We Material Girls are providing the art and the cakes and Liz is bringing her shop Threads 'n Things, to provide the shopping fix. We could end up with 10 people we could end up with 50, who knows. So for the next 2 days I am cleaning, making cakes, hanging work and after all that fine weather they are predicting rain - why do I get myself into these things? wish me luck.


Heather said...

Your Tea and Textiles event sounds great. I'm sure it'll be a success whatever the weather - you can't go wrong with homemade cakes AND threads and things. I sympathise over trying to understand study modules. I have to read everything about three times before it starts to make sense, then I'm OK. Good luck with it all.

Gina said...

I'm confused about my personal specialism module but now recognise it as a usual start of module panic! Hope it all goes well on Friday - I'm sorry to be missing it.