Sunday, 13 January 2008

I am exhausted. I had to drag all the work for my last module up to London(near Regents Park) for 10 am yesterday and then amuse myself and more importantly my Sherpa (the husband) until 4.30pm when we were allowed to pick the work up. Now this may sound easy in London but as those of you will know who inhabit the suburbs of the metropolis and spend a lot of time there it isn't always as easy as you think.
Firstly the husband hates art in all its forms so the trip to visit the designer craftsmen exhibition at the mall galleries was fairly short although some of the work was stunning esp. the work of Jacky Russell and Ann Goddard.
Lunch was taken at Pontis in Covent Garden (a regular haunt) but he doesn't really do shopping and we visited the Transport Museum 2 weeks ago. Half the tube network was out so that prevented a quick trip to any of the South Ken. Museums so we ended up wandering around in the cold and finally fetched up at the National Gallery to get a coffee in the warm. Whilst there I thought I would just pop to look at a couple of Monets as I am working with his paintings for my next exhibition but by this time he had that 'why have you taken me to hell' look on his face so we walked back up to Great Portland street to pick up my work.
By the time we had managed to struggle home - hardly any trains, big crowds and West ham playing at home- we were both shattered. I'm not sure what's more exhausting- the physical effort of walking over half of London, the strain of assessment or the guilt for having to ask for his help to get the things there. So this afternoon I am going to shut myself in with the embellisher and a Johnny Depp film - provided I get time after sorting out the dinner, the daughter, the dogs,......

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sharon young said...

Poor you!! I've got a friend who's doing the degree with Opus and she finds this assessment ritual a nightmare too. I don't think her OH has a lot of patience with it either!!
I'm really dreading it when I have to take all my C&G stuff up for the final assessment, at least I only have to do it once!!
Hope you manage to get some 'me' time today!