Friday, 11 January 2008

Where does the time go! every week I think I must blog at least every other day as I so enjoy reading other people's blogs but I spin round and a week has passed. I have spent the week finalising things for my degree module assessment tomorrow and aim to use the trip up to London to visit the designer Crafts show at the Mall and the scrummy beadshop in Tower Street while my work is being marked. My daughter has declared that she wants me to make her evening bag for her prom and although its a long way off If I gather together the ingredients now I can embroiderer it in between my other work whenever there's a lull (Ho,ho!). She brought her dream dress in the sales so I've told her shes got the make sure it still fits in a few months time.
Things are really getting busy now although we are in between semesters. I am working on a series of pieces inspired by Monet for the Material Girl's exhibition in October plus a piece inspired by Musical theatre for another show in May plus the pace has picked for the forum and we are getting interest from a lot of sources since we were featured in the Textile Directory -even Museums with Textile Collections- so I can see a lot of potential for some really interesting conferences in the future.
It really seems like a time for dreams and when they seem to be coming to fruition- that's when things get scary. You have to be very brave to reveal your dreams in case they vanish with the dawn. Lets hope the world is kinder to us when we awake and turn dreams into reality.


Purple Missus said...

Thats a very tantalising glimpsing of your piece of work. Good luck with your assessment and great news about the ERTF.

sharon young said...

Hi Chrissie
It all sounds very exciting, you certainly have got a lot of brilliant things to work for this year, keep your nerve and enthusiasm and I'm certain your dreams will come to fruition!
I just wish the group wasn't based so far away, I'm really sad that I had to make the decision not to join, it sounds as if it will be wonderful :-(