Monday, 28 January 2008

I know I often moan about living in deepest suburbia but even here there are jewels on the doorstep and finally having a nice day prompted me to take a walk with the dogs in the country park located literally five minutes from my front door. This time of year it is beautiful as the wetlands are full encouraging the birds to come in off the Thames. This is all part of the Thames Chase (where Material Girls have been asked to showcase in the spring) and is such a great idea to allow those on the edge of London a place to breath. This particular section was the old Hornchurch Airfield which had such a prominent role in the Battle of Britain (we are so close to it that a bomb aimed at it actually removed the roof of the house I sit in to write this) and 60 years later it has all but disappeared back into nature- which is good in one way but a bit sad in another as there isn't even a memorial or sign to mark the spot of such heroism (isn't that disgusting? If you were new to this area you would never know, my dad who was in the RAF would have been outraged esp as he did his ATC training there).
Looking at the photos I took (not too wobbly since I was hanging onto dogs at the time) I am more determined than ever to do some work based around the Thames Chase - now there's a project for Material Girls!

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