Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hi Folks - I'm back, in more ways than one.
I've finally gotten a bit bolshy and decided that I need to do this course in a way that makes sense to me- and guess what ? that seems to be fine with the powers that be (for the moment anyway). I need to exercise the mantra 'simplify' all round and by doing so the work does appear to be stronger so maybe that is the right direction to go. Anyhow I have the 2 module goals sorted out now plus an idea for my forthcoming dissertation that will feed into my final exhibition in a way that is really ME.So even though I did moan about one of my tutors by being really irritating she has actually set me on the right track.
Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments- I won't give in (with luck).
I also think the fact that my mother-in-law is quite seriously ill does rather reflect on our mood in general at the moment so it is easier to focus what's wrong with the course than that.
I'm now off to source a pattern for some 'golden Lotus Shoes' and a pair of ballet shoes. (don't ask! but hpoefully all will be revealed in time)

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sharon young said...

So glad to hear your back on track.
Love the shoe, very evocative.
Hope things go better with your MIL, it's always a difficult time when illness strikes.