Thursday, 8 October 2009

I'm so tired I am almost falling asleep at the computer but if I don't blog now nothing will happen until next week at the earliest -so here goes, short and sweet.
I'm so busy with both modules at the moment that I feel I only just about have my head above water. Two days ago one tutor said she wanted to see all my sketchbook up until now for an interim assessment which meant tidying everything up so it was presentable and getting it off to Derbyshire (which is a bit worrying with this postal strike business as all my ideas and work is in it). Then the other tutor wants me to meet up with her in London next week for the same purpose which means time out from studying to get up there and making sure that I have something substantial to take with me.
On top of this I have all the usual household problems/work to contend with and the fact that my mother-in-laws dementia has now reached crisis point and we are just hoping that the doctor will do something tomorrow as I am not sure how much longer my father-in-law can cope.
On the plus side we had our second Aqua 8 meeting on Monday. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the group and I think it could really go somewhere, I just need to summon enough energy to really engage with it all. And, all being well, I get to go to Ally Pally on Sunday for some serious Textile therapy.
I hope this entry makes sense as my brain has now completely turned to mush and I am going to bed. Night,night.

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sharon young said...

Hope you're feeling a bit less tired now and had some good therapy at Ally Pally