Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I HATE THIS DEGREE COURSE!!!! ...That feels better.
I must have been totally insane to ever undertake it because it doesn't seem to matter how hard you work ... you're wrong. Whatever your own belief system ... you're wrong and even when you toe the line and do exactly what they tell you and the module says- guess what?... You're wrong. Ahhhh!!!! I feel like I'm getting nowhere, am producing work of no value and most of all they keep pushing me (not in a good way) to do things that just aren't me. If you read the blog 'fan my flame' you can probably tell that its not just me as Gina and I are both doing the same degree course -just at different stages. There is just one good thing - I've only got 18 months to go.
On a lighter note Ally Pally was great and an especial well done to the girls from EAST who produced a really wonderful display and to the delightful Cathy Unwin who makes everyone feel so welcome on the IFA stand. I'll post a couple of pics tomorrow as I am now off for some serious chocolate therapy before I do the ironing.


Heather said...

I have heard of other students who feel the same about their course, but don't give up now - you've already done so much work. Maybe it's just a tutor's way of not allowing you to slacken off. I can understand how you feel - I would want plenty of encouragement, not someone telling me I'm doing nothing right. Chin up - good luck and enjoy the chocolate!

Lesley Turner said...
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Gina said...

I'll say the same... hang on in there. I know I have really low moments too but when it comes together it really does feel great. You can do it!

sharon young said...

I agree with Gina, Chris, you WILL get there in the end, just think how proud you'll be when you get that graduation certificate. It's a hard road but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Miriam Weaver said...

Chris, You know what I think, you cant stop now! And you wont stop now!
I'll pop in and see you tomorrow I hope. I'll email you in the morning.

Judy Martin said...

I love your honesty Chris.

Several times in the last month I've felt like throwing it all in, because my own life is just so busy and I want more time to just work on what I already know. However, I won't quit - at least not yet, because I really do feel that my work has become transformed. I can see from your posts that your work has also matured so much and even though you think you don't want to do some of the assignments, they are seeping into you and transforming you from within.
Keep working so hard, and keep posting so honestly. You are one brave woman.

Also, perhaps its just too much to go full time. Can you go back to part time?