Sunday, 25 October 2009

Its been another of those 'where did the weekend go!' times but it has been quite productive.
I managed to buy a cheap pair of ballet shoes to use in my Fine Art Module, I've tea dyed the silk and printed silk fabric for new linings in all of the shoes and I've even made a start on the embroidered roses for the silk bindings.

On the other module I've finished creating the embellished fabric from wool, silk fibres and plastic for the inner cylinder (The melted plastic went a bit hard which meant I broke 3 needles! not something I do that often but really annoying) so I've just got the 2 outer ones left. I also managed to create the subsidiary sample for the second site piece (sounds complicated doesn't it? - well unfortunately it is).
I've also written two proposals -one for each project- so all is ready for my 2 tutorials this week,gulp!. During all this I had an email from the JCS office asking me if I was OK because they had seen my blog. At least its nice to know they are keeping an eye on us.
On the home front I caught up with the housework and some friends. Walked the dogs (Kirsty came too- she must have been bored) and Martin checked on his mum and dad, things are no better but then they won't be but at least for the time being they are stable.
Finally I started to put togther all of the AQUA-8 girls staements, CVs and images ready to create a pack tobe sent out to galleries.

I think its a good job the clocks did go back this weekend as it gave me a whole extra hour now if I could just conjure up a couple more I might even get the ironing finished.

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Heather said...

Blow the ironing! It will wait for you to catch up with it. Getting the housework done makes you feel better as it's nice to live in a clean, tidy home. Getting your modules up to date keeps your tutor happy and if she is happy, you will be happy.