Saturday, 28 July 2007

Essex often gets a bad press but if you look closely it is a beautiful place and nowhere more so than the marshy coastline and the single Egret that inspired this piece. By creating a transparent central panel it enables me to incorporate the actual place and has started a series of work.
'Through silver mists a single star shines'

Yesterday was a busy day. Had a meeting about redesigning my exhibiting group's website and a new project we are planning which then turned into a very pleasant lunch.Have managed to almost finish my current BA module which I am extremely pleased about and am well into working on my triptych of pieces based on birds in landscape. The most exciting thing I have done today was go and choose my new puppy! After losing my poor old boy the house has seemed rather empty but as soon as we return from Scotland we will be picking up the 8 week old bundle of mischief my daughter has called Teddy. Things are starting to move again.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

This is my first post and as I am fairly new to all things web please forgive any mistakes.I have started this to make it easier to make contact with the many people all over the world that I have met through studying with OPUS, to talk about all things Textile and to chart my voyage through my degree. To anyone who happens across this blog - I hope you enjoy it.