Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Taking the Mickey

So I am back from my little break. Couldn't really call it a rest as we have been over to Disneyland in Paris for a belated 21st birthday trip for my not so little girl. It looks like we were right to wait to April in the hope that the weather improved as boy did it! Having gone from serious worries if we would freeze there we were wandering around at 11pm in t -shirts

Anyway now that is over (all too quickly) its down to finalising everything for the Seeking Artemis exhibition. I reckon I will finish the stitching by the end of this week, I have sorted out my postcard printing, sent out all my private view invites and am just completing the stewarding pack. Its all the little last minute things that take up the time. I have a 'photoshoot' for a paper on Friday and two articles that I have been requested to write for publications to get finished so if I can polish them off next week I might even get to start on the next body of work (I should have already started -oops) before the exhibition begins. Needless to say I will be stitching whilst stewarding... As white rabbit says 'there's no time to say hello goodbye, I'm late,I'm late, I'm late'

Sunday, 14 April 2013

What a difference a day makes

Can it be? Can spring really have sprung? For the first time since 2012 we have actually had a warm day. The animals have actually ventured into the garden, the daffodils (usually over by now here ) are in full bloom and I even got the washing dried.

Of course I should still be stitching as the Crypt exhibition edges ever closer  (esp. as next week takes me off on a short adventure) but I couldn't resist just a few minutes in the sun. The good news I have finished my 'felt quilt'. This is an experiment and I am ready to take this further for the next project as I am moderately pleased with the result and have worked out how to refine it now. Above is a picture of part of it and it measures approx 3ft x 6 ft.
 I am still stitching spirals onto my last piece which is approx. 8ft long (they are a recurring symbol in this set of work  signifying the spinning and weaving of the web of life) and have now lost count of all the spirals I have hand stitched in silk thread in the collection of work for the Crypt but if I ever have insomnia I could count them instead of sheep and find out.