Saturday, 23 July 2011

This is the end, my friend

Yesterday I graduated at Middlesex University. I was really glad that I was able to take the opportunity to go as it finally made me feel that I had actually achieved something important. Although you know how hard you work for it there was always a slight sense that some people considered it a mickey mouse degree, not quite a real one -but in some ways it was even harder because you are so 'out there on your own'. You have support but its not like being within a class situation with your peers around you all the time. Yesterday you really felt part of the university, that you were valued as a true graduate.
So that's it- the end.
I started this blog to map the highs and lows of the course, to act as my journal (part of the criteria for the course) and I don't want it now just to become full of trivia, or a moaning platform (because boy! I know I can do that!) or even worse a 'look how wonderful I am' boast fest
So I am going to change it over the next couple of weeks .I am going to centre it completely on textiles -to make it more of a professional touch point for this.
I am now a website (well not me actually but you know what I mean) its which will link to this blog. So if you want to see what I'm up to textile wise please drop in.
First I have to invest in a new computer as this one is on the blink so I may be away for a couple of weeks but as they say 'I'll be back!'

Friday, 8 July 2011

Time to say goodbye

Today Kit, my big, rambunctious, ginger tom, died.
Ever since he arrived in our lives over 15 years ago as a ball of orange fluff he brought nothing but joy. If there was an adventure to be had,mischief to be gotten into or food to pinch- he was there, with his 'who me?' expression ,a softly patting paw and his constant purr. Today he purred softly as he slipped away in my arms taking a little bit of my heart with him. Travel well my friend, I'll miss you.