Friday, 19 September 2008

Very quick blog as everything happening at once. I have launched into the next degree module which is contextual and sooo not my thing . I don't want to be reading about 'Cubists' - I want to be sewing but I don't have the time! However I am going to get through this one as fast as possible so I can get back to my real passion.
Off to see the EAST ad O2 exhibitions at Braintree tomorrow followed by the exhibition at Central St.Martins of the new St.Pauls Vestments and the 4x4 at Southwark on Thursday. I can't wait. Then its the ERTF steering group meeting in preparation for a whole year of ERTF events followed by my own Group's exhibition in mid- October. Its all kicking off as they say so lets hope I get a lot of inspiration and renewed vigour after a rather flat couple of OPUS modules.
Material Girls have all taken inspiration from a different artist for this exhibition have come up with some extraordinary results - its been an interesting exercise and if you can't get to visit our exhibition there will be some images on our website very soon ( Must go- the 'avant-garde' is calling!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's Finished! At last I have completed the dreaded visual studies figure drawing module. Everything is mounted up and packed ready to be transported to London for assessment on Saturday, trains willing that is as in their wisdom they have decided to close both my local underground and overground lines for engineering work virtually every weekend up until Christmas. I am so relieved that I made it to the end - of course I may not pass it but at the moment I don't actually care I'm just glad its over. I can now get on with getting things sorted for the Material Girls exhibition which is rapidly approaching mid- October and for the next ERTF conference on November 1st as well as Alli Pally, and the EG, and .... Lets just say its going to be a busy next couple of months. I can stitch again (even though my next module is written- groan!) on things I enjoy. Whoopee!